Haunted by Hallucinations, Confused Mind

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Music video for the track Confused Mind from the Haunted By Hallucinations album, Haunted By Hallucinations, released in 2014.

Directed by Jimi Tenor.

Guitarist Petri Toikkanen, who graces the liner notes of nearly all the Soul Investigators (“Home Cooking”, “Keep Reachin’ Up”) releases, as one of the formidable composers of the musical group, makes the debut of his project “Haunted By Hallucinations” with the self – titled album on Herakles Records.

The group was founded by Toikkanen & drummer Laura Könönen as they composed their songs through hypnotic jam sessions, with bass player, Jussi Oskari. The genre that sets the tone for this LP is the psychedelic cousin to that of metal and stoner/psychedelic doom. The phasers and flangers of stoner doom would be replaced with heavy doses of delay on Toikkanen’s personal genre of psychedelic rock.

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