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Terms & Conditions:

We will ship your order 1-3 days from the day of your purchase.

All packages are shipped by Domestic Parcel, Priority Maxi Letter or Priority Parcel. You can choose your shipping rate option at your cart. Orders that weigh over 2 kg are shipped as Parcels (within Finland or International).

Shipping times vary by location and from the chosen shipping rate option. The time of arrival of your package is usually within 2-14 days after processing of your order.

We calculate shipping costs dependent on the actual weight of the package and not dependent on the quantity of records. Shipping costs includes: Postage, handling & packing material.

Herakles Records is not responsible for collecting Customs fees and they are not included in our price. Please consult your local Customs authorities for rates and restrictions and anticipate those charges to be paid to your local Customs authority.

Herakles Records is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.